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Dear Friend, Welcome to our blog! We are Troy and Rachel. We have been married for 16 years, but with dating and all that, we have been together for twenty. We are the parents of five wonderful children. Kamryn, Adelynn, Brevyn, Landon, and Anson. We love them so much! We always planned on having a large family, and even though we were able to have four biological children, adoption was always in the plans. After Landon's birth, there were severe complications and Rachel was unable to have any more naturally. We were excited that the time to pursue adoption had finally come! We knew that there were more children waiting to come to our family. We were so blessed in November of 2012, when Anson joined our family through the miracle of open adoption. We adore him and can't imagine our lives without him in it. But, someone is still missing. We haven't felt right about going through the traditional adoption agency route. So, we are starting here and hoping that the right person will find us this way. Thank you and feel free to read on for more about us! If you'd like to contact us, feel free to send us an email at troyracheladopt@yahoo.com or find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/troyandracheladopt We would LOVE to hear from you.

Our Letter To You:

Hi. First of all, we would like to say thank you for even looking at our website. We know that you must be feeling very unsure and emotional right now. Having a baby and making big decisions for that baby's future are heavy responsibilities. The fact that you are even considering adoption says volumes about the kind of person you are. You obviously want the very best for your child and are weighing your options.

We just want to assure you that if you were to choose our family as the family in which your child would grow, you would hold a huge place in our hearts. Your baby would be loved and cherished by parents and big sisters and brothers. He or she would be the recipient of fifteen years worth of "parenting experience." We have raised five babies now and are comfortable and confident in their care. Each one of our children are unique in their habits and needs, from six months worth of colic to extremely content and easy. They have all grown to be fantastic kids. We believe in letting each child choose their way. Some of our children love sports, some love music, acting, and dancing, and some love science and art. We encourage each of our children in the things they love- as long as they are having fun with what they are doing.

We also wanted you to know that we are hoping for an open adoption! We believe that an adopted child needs to know his or her biological family in order to feel secure. But more importantly, we have a lot of love to give, and would love to expand our family circle to include your family! Our son, Anson has pictures of his birth mother in his room, and we talk about her quite often. He knows her name, and that he "grew in her tummy." As he gets older we will continue to share age appropriate information with him, helping him to understand adoption. We love his birth mother and are so thankful for the amazing woman she is! We understand that you will have your own needs and desires for this adoption, and we respect that. We are willing to work out an agreement that both sides feel comfortable with and are committed to honoring that agreement. But, we hope that we can know you, love you, and have you as part of our family too!

So once again, sincerely, thank you. Thank you for looking into our family and considering adoption. Please feel free to contact us with further questions.

May God be with you during this time.

All our Love,

Troy & Rachel

Our Kids

We have great kids and love being their parents.

 Kamryn is our oldest. She is fifteen years old and is very mature and responsible. She is like a second mother to her sister and her brothers and takes very good care of them. She is a favorite babysitter in the neighborhood and is awesome at saving her money for things she wants. She is also very kind and shares just about everything. She loves sports, has a purple belt in karate, and played soccer for seven years, and ran track in middle school. As she starts high school in the fall, she is looking forward to playing on the lacrosse team. She loves to watch sports with her dad- especially football, rugby, and basketball. She is a good student and works very hard to get good grades.

 Adelynn is twelve. She loves to sing, dance, and play sports. She takes piano, and is starting to write her own songs. She loves to be the center of attention. She is kind to her family and friends. She is very confident and energetic. She has a great sense of humor and likes to make people laugh.   She is also a great student and loves school! This past year she was the Student Body President, and at the end of her 6th Grade year, she was awarded two of the top awards: the Super NOVA award, and the Hope of America Award. She has great leadership skills and is looking forward to middle school.

Brevyn is eleven. He is a smarty who loves math, science, art, and video games. He is a great reader and is at the top of his class. He is an amazing artist and draws fantastic pictures all day, he also takes art lessons once a week.  Like Addy, he has a great musical ear and takes piano lessons. He is able to play songs by ear and is enjoying his lessons. He loves babies and is so sweet to them. His friend's parents always tell me how polite and kind he is and that he is welcome at their homes any time. His teachers describe him as a "quiet leader." In his Boy Scout troop, he was chosen by the other boys as Troop Leader. He doesn't care about sports as much as his siblings, but likes to go out and shoot hoops every so often.  He loves his mom very much and gives the best hugs!

Landon is nine. He is a ball of fire. He loves sports. He loves to play them all day long. Football, basketball, baseball, soccer - you name it. He can usually be found outside playing with all his buddies in the neighborhood.  He loves to wrestle with his dad and tease his siblings. He also has a very funny sense of humor and likes to make us laugh. It is hard for us to say "no" to his darling dimples. He also loves his baby brother and is good at playing with him and making him smile. He is involved in Cub Scouts, and is excited to start playing soccer again in the fall.

Anson is three. He is a sweet, good little man whom we love very much. We were able to be in the hospital on the day he was born and have cherished him ever since. He loves to do cartwheels and somersaults all over the place, dance, read books, sing songs, and be anywhere the big kids are. He is super smart and has a fantastic sense of humor. He loves to play with his friends, and is known for being a patient, kind friend to those he plays with. He is excited to start preschool in the fall. We are so thankful for the blessing of adoption which has brought him into our life. We have an open adoption and text, email, and send pictures to his birth mother on a regular basis. 

These kids are all wonderful and can't wait to have a new brother or sister to love!

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